Shining Legends Expansion Coming to Pokemon TCG in October!

It’s been revealed on the official Pokemon website today that the new Shining Legends expansion will be releasing in America this October! Shining Legends will introduce over 75 new cards, and will included Pokemon-GX, Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, Shining Pokemon and Secret Rares. Booster packs will include the usual 11 cards, however this time they’ll include a second guaranteed foil card.

Just like with the Generations expansion last year, Shining Legends booster packs will not be sold separately, but rather in special collections. The first of which will be the Shining Legends Elite Trainer box, hitting store shelves on October 6 – however, preorder your elite trainer box via the Pokemon Center and it will ship two weeks early! The Elite Trainer box includes 8 Shining Legends booster packs, a Shining Ho-Oh promo card, Ho-Oh themed card sleeves, and the usual haul of Elite Trainer box goodies.

Later on in the month, on October 20, trainers can get their hands on the Super Premium Collection, which includes 10 Shining Legends booster packs, a Ho-Oh figurine, a full-art rainbow Ho-Oh-GX promo, 2 exclusive Shining Lugia & Shining Celebi promo cards, a foil Pikachu promo, a special Shining Pokemon playmat, a special behind-the-scenes Shining Legends book, and collector’s boxes and dividers.

Each special collection will include codes to bring your cards into Pokemon TCG Online. Make sure you follow DigiDeck on social media for free Shining Legend code giveaways once the set releases in October!


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