It’s New Blood Friday in Urban Rivals.

Four New Cards Avaiable Now!

Every other Friday, four new cards are released into the Urban Rivals world. This week we see new characters from the Roots, All Stars, Bangers and GhosTown clans. Each new card comes with at least one new, limited-time mission to complete. These new missions will be unlocked automatically once the character has been added to your collection, and are viewable under the Flash heading on the Missions page.

Digging Bill
GhostTown clan
Mission: Blue Agony Creek – Remove 60 Life from opponent with Digging Bill in Survivor Mode. (Ends 09/10/2017)
Mission Miner: Win 25 rounds with Digging Bill in Tourney Mode. (Ends 09/10/2017)

Hans Spinner
All Stars clan
Mission: Fidget Spinner – Win 10 fights by finishing with a KO from Hans. (Ends 09/10/2017)

Roots clan
Mission: Jump! – Win 5 rounds with Rapau. (Ends 09/08/2017)

Rueda Buena
Bangers clan
Mission: Servicing – Inflict 90 Damage with Rueda Buena. (Ends 09/08/2017)

Will you be adding any of these new cards to your decks? How will they affect your gameplay? Discuss in the comments below!



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